Even if your fiancé is a spreadsheet whiz…

or you’re an invitation design pro…

a wedding planner will bring it all together

Trust us! If there’s one day you’ll be eternally glad you hired planning assistant, it’s your wedding. Whether you’ve been planning your dream day since you were a little girl or you’re more of a chilled, ‘let’s do this’ bride, hiring specialised help is key.

A lot goes into organising the day and the lead-up to it. Selecting guests, picking your bridesmaids, finding the dream dress, photo locations, the bridal shower, the wild night with the girls and helping your partner, too.   

However, while a wedding planner can’t help you pick bridesmaids (and tell your other gals they didn’t make the cut), they can take care of all the other stuff. The less than fun things, like planning according to your budget, creating your vision, communication with vendors, solving inevitable issues and then that little task of coordinating the entire day.

It’s asking (and answering) questions like ‘should I hire a band, DJ or do it myself?’ Most often, it’ll come down to your preference and budget. Two things that will drive most of your wedding planners work.

Are wedding planners worth it?

If you’re wondering whether it’s worth hiring a wedding planner, it really comes down to time. Do you have the capacity to not only plan, but also manage, everything yourself? Only you can answer this.

We meet a lot of couples and observe that it’s not just a time issue. It also comes down to the emotional capacity. This is why for every couple who book their reception with us, we take care of the big details so you can relax (a little).

What’s the big stuff? The venue, on-site accommodation, car parking, five-star catering, videographers and tailored dining options and, you guessed it, a wedding coordinating team. Yep, a team!

By having your ceremony, reception and accommodation all in the one place, you minimise a lot of headaches. You’ll get an event management team with 130 years of experience and regional partnerships to extend the day to a whole weekend.

We know your wedding standards are high. Our team also watch the Royal Wedding. By having a team of planners bringing your love vision to fruition, you’ll capture the hearts of every guest – making your day the one friends and family always reference.

Find your Jo-Lo (we hope you’ve seen The Wedding Planner movie).

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