Come October, wedding season starts… and it lasts until the start of May, as couples take advantage of the beautiful weather. While your first thoughts might be to tie the knot during the summer, and the days are long and everyone’s in a holiday spirit, this isn’t always the reality.

Your guests might be travelling during this time.

That lovely summer sun soon quickly turns into a scorching stretch of 40°+ days.

And your budget blows out with heightened summer prices.

Of course, this isn’t always the case, but there are other times of the year, shouldering this high season, that you should consider. And if there’s one standout time that’s perfect for getting married in Adelaide…

It’s Autumn.

Best places to get married in Adelaide Hills

Step into a real-life, Instagram-perfected shot, with naturally high saturation from Mother Nature. The gorgeous yellow and burnt orange leaves come to life in the sun, giving a whole new meaning to golden hour. The fallen red leaves add to the magical setting, making it easy to perfect your wedding photos. The natural backdrop does all the work for you if you’re hosting a garden ceremony Adelaide Hills wedding.

You’ll soon see why autumn is the best season to get married. After a long hot summer, the cooler autumn Adelaide Hills air is refreshing welcome. But it’s certainly not cold, so you don’t need to worry about bringing your coats.

There are endless choices for photo backdrops. Gorgeous vines and quaint cellar doors. Stunning rolling hills, with thin winding roads in the distance, adding dimension to each shot. Forests and national parks, with tall trees rich in heritage. And with everything being close in the Adelaide Hills, you can do (and see) a lot in a short space of time.

Then follow it up at Adelaide Hills Convention Centre, to continue the love in our open-plan venues, with full views out to the Adelaide Hills… gorgeous lawns, a lake, and that undeniably Hills backdrop. Enjoy the rustic, casual first level, before making your way up to our famous deck. With our five-star catering, sweeping Hills views and event management staff, you can get the best of both nature and luxury in the one place.

With on-site accommodation, you can make your wedding an all-weekend celebration. Head to local wineries, peruse artisan markets, drive along gorgeous streets peppered with colourful trees, and walk down Hahndorf’s main street. It’s the perfect in-between season, where you get the best of everything.

While, of course, every season has its benefits for hosting a wedding in the Adelaide Hills, autumn’s charm will fill your hearts.

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