So you just got engaged. Pop the champagne and get ready for one hell of a party to celebrate your love. But, before you can do this with your family and besties, you’ve got a lot to plan. Now ladies, you’ve probably dreamed about this day for a long time. You might even have photos … Read more

So you’ve got the dress, the wedding location and the photographer. You’re still deciding on the venue for your reception, and you’re weighing up a few options in the Adelaide Hills. You know the details that you need to run past your fiancé. So, your speech. Are you stuck on where to start? Let’s go … Read more

Ladies, guess what comes before your big day? Your engagement party. Well, you might have a bridal shower in there too, but that’s usually a low-key celebration with the special women in your life. Your engagement party is where you can let your hair down before the big day. It’s a time where you can … Read more

Whether you’re a ‘birthday person’ or not, there’s one year that you can’t not celebrate – turning 30. It’s that great age when you’ve (probably) matured from the ‘let’s go out on the town’ way you used to enjoy your birthday. Turning 30, chances are you want to do something a bit different. There’s plenty … Read more

Even if your fiancé is a spreadsheet whiz… or you’re an invitation design pro… a wedding planner will bring it all together Trust us! If there’s one day you’ll be eternally glad you hired planning assistant, it’s your wedding. Whether you’ve been planning your dream day since you were a little girl or you’re more … Read more

How long have you worked with your current clients? Do you have a percentage you’ve worked with for years, ever since the beginning? If so, that’s great. You’ve probably heard how it’s easier to keep your clients happy and engaged with you than actively searching for new ones. It’s true. Getting a new client is … Read more

Make more than an impact. Make a lasting impression on your customers, prospects and industry by hosting a conference. While any type of event takes a little work to organise and connect with your market, the right conference can position your company as a thought leader in the industry. A conference, done smartly, has a … Read more

Event planning is one of those tasks that often falls into the hands of a Marketing Manager. It’s a ‘sexy’ part of marketing, so people are eager to take on the task of planning an event. But it takes a certain skill set to pull off a corporate event that guests will remember. Here’s a … Read more

When people think of travel, planes and exotic food often come to mind. And while these trips are great to take, they’re few and far between. But this doesn’t mean you are only ‘travelling’ if you fly. Instead of waiting the whole year for that two-week holiday, use your weekends to take mini breaks throughout … Read more

Every bride deserves a celebratory send-off from single life with her gals. If you’re part of the bridal party planning a bestie’s hens party, get excited. The cool thing about a hens party is just that – it’s a party, for everyone. The first thing you need to do is book your accommodation for the … Read more

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