what to look for in a conference venue

For most SME’s, planning a conference is a job that’s handed to the marketing, communications or admin team. Quite understandable, because budgets are tight and unless it’s a major product launch or you’re expecting a huge turnout, it makes sense to do it in-house. Instead, focus your attention on finding the right conference venue – … Read more

dont just plan a conference

With April recording the hottest temperature ever in Adelaide, we’re not putting away the air conditioner remote for the season just yet. While the milder seasons—autumn and spring—are coming and there’s less reliance on heating and cooling, it’s still important to practice energy efficiency. It starts with educating yourself on how to reduce your energy … Read more

Bridezillas can do scary things sometimes. There’s the mood swings, occasional irrational thoughts and ‘turning’ on her soon-to-be hubby. And while not every bride-to-be acts like this, it’s normal to act a little out of character in the lead-up to the big day. Think about it. You’ve got dozens, maybe even a hundred plus, people … Read more

That perfect shot. The wedding photo that stands out from all of them. To get it, you need the perfect backdrop. And, the Adelaide Hills is home to some of the most picturesque spots you can imagine. Rolling hills, lush gardens, cute wineries, and rustic vibes. The ‘hills’ really are alive, with five enchantingly beautiful … Read more

There are three things that impact the success of an event: the guests, the location and the food. Let’s talk about the third pillar, food – because hey, everyone loves food. If you’re wondering what food is best to serve for your event, here’s a good overview. First of all, ask yourself this question: How … Read more

“You’re going to be in charge of planning our next corporate event” If you’ve been told this and you have no idea where to start, you’re not alone. Event planning often falls into the hands of marketing assistants, because teams aren’t big enough to hire event managers. Most events have one common theme: to bring … Read more

Just got engaged? Congratulations, you’re about to take on a whole new job: as a bride. But unlike a lot of women that have gone before, that ring doesn’t have to turn you into bridezilla. When you’re in the midst of wedding planning, there are things you’ll inevitably forget. Let’s go through a few tips … Read more

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Conferences are sexy. You get to pick a nice place, invite your guests, and plan an interesting lineup for the event. It’s the fun part of marketing. But the problem is many of us are already busy with our normal tasks, so event planning is pushed down the to-do list – and the conference suffers … Read more

wedding venue adelaide hills

Planning a wedding? Addicted to poring over beautiful venue photos you find on the internet? We don’t blame you. There are some amazing wedding settings that make anyone want to get hitched, simply for the photos. But there’s so much more to a wedding than taking good Instagram snaps. Let’s go through a few of … Read more

event management adelaide hills

You’ve got an event coming up. Let’s say it’s a birthday, engagement party or a work dinner. The problem is, you have no experience planning events. Don’t worry. You don’t need a background in event management to organise an awesome night. If you’re in charge of your work Christmas or EOFY dinner, it’s probably because … Read more

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