Hey there, lovebirds. Remember that special day you tied the knot? Maybe it was last year or a decade ago. Well, guess what? You get to re-live it, every year. The celebrations aren’t over after the wedding day. And as every year passes, enjoy reinventing, reaffirming and recommitting to each other. Don’t rush this special … Read more

We tend to see new versions of women in the lead-up to their wedding day. Bridezilla takes hold of all logic, and emotions take over. Cross her, and you’ll be culled from the guest list. Of course, this isn’t all brides. Some women keep their cool and surprise their fiancés. Whether you feel yourself experiencing … Read more

Corporate events aren’t always easy to pull off. And labelling them corporate team building? Forget it. But there are creative ways of bringing a team together in corporate event activities without having to say it. Corporate entertainment can be fun. It’s just a matter of crafting it in an appealing way. So, what are these … Read more

Wouldn’t it be amazing if every company had a designated event planner? Where Managing Directors recognise that organising events is, in fact, a unique (and qualified) skillset. But more importantly, have a budget for it! In reality, many small businesses just don’t run enough events to merit hiring an event organiser, so the ‘event management’ … Read more

Come October, wedding season starts… and it lasts until the start of May, as couples take advantage of the beautiful weather. While your first thoughts might be to tie the knot during the summer, and the days are long and everyone’s in a holiday spirit, this isn’t always the reality. Your guests might be travelling … Read more

Are you about to give birth to a new product or service? It’s easy to get ahead of yourself fantasising about sales and success – and so you should. But most businesses skip ahead and miss an important step: the launch. No matter how amazing your product or service is, if your prospects don’t know … Read more

There are some birthdays that are worth going big for. You know the ones… 21, 30 and 50. Every year you have on this earth should be celebrated. Even if you’re just shy of 30 and you don’t feel like transitioning out of your 20s is something you want to draw attention to, don’t write … Read more

After the standard two-week work hiatus enjoying all things summer, it’s not always an easy transition back into corporate-world for people (even if people only took short breaks). Most of January is spent easing back in, planning for the year, in meetings and adapting to restructuring. While this is an exciting time, it’s difficult to … Read more

Can you believe it’s December already? Walk into just about any office and you’ll hear this. Before you close for the year, there’s one thing you can’t miss: the Christmas party. And although you might be tempted to skip it because you’re busy, it’s an important event to show your team appreciation and finish off … Read more

The Difference AV Technology Makes for Your Special Event

Have you ever been to an event and had a hard time hearing the speaker? Where the slightest rustle from the person next to you is distracting, making it more difficult to hear. Something as seemingly simple as the sound level at an event can make a world of difference. Whether it’s a conference, an … Read more

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