Conferences are a special time, whether they occur annually or once every two years. But, magic happens when you get teams together in a room for a day or weekend. There’s nothing like in-person interactions (especially now, in the digital age).  A trend that has become more and more popular in conferences due to the … Read more

When you’re planning a wedding, one of the most enjoyable parts is choosing just the right wedding cake. Knowing how to choose your wedding cake is vital because the cutting of the cake is simply one of the most iconic parts of your big day.  Not only that but, commonly, your wedding cake will be … Read more

Bride & Groom at their Adelaide Hills Wedding

When planning a wedding you have a lot to consider and think about. It can be a daunting and overwhelming task to plan the perfect day, choose the perfect location, and the best food to put on a celebration that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. On top of that you have to … Read more

If you’re an office manager, office assistant, project manager or in any other role which has you responsible for planning a successful conference, then you’ll want to make sure the organisation goes to plan. While conference planning is an exciting opportunity, it can also be an overwhelming one, which is where a conference checklist comes … Read more

While you’re adjusting your dress, veils and trains, getting ready for photos, your guests have one thing on their mind: food.  We’ve all been to a wedding where there just wasn’t enough food. The celebration lasts for hours, typically from mid-afternoon into the night. (Yes, we’re talking about you and your dancing shoes, Uncle John). … Read more

It’s said that 40 is the new 30. And you probably didn’t let your 30th pass without a big celebration (if you did, it might be time to make up for it). Pay your 40th birthday the same respect because you’re about to enter a whole new chapter of your life. Welcome a new decade … Read more

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In today’s 9 to 5 to 9 business world, there’s a blurred line in the sand between work and personal lives. Employees check their emails while still in bed or take calls during dinner. But, how often do we let fun sneak into our workdays? With never-ending to-do lists, it’s easy to forget about our … Read more

It feels like we’ve only just welcomed the new financial year. But Christmas is right around the corner (and we all know how fast the weeks fly by). As we wind up 2021’s big projects, it’s good to start thinking about what you’ll do to celebrate the festive season (and send your team off on … Read more

Hey there, lovebirds. Remember that special day you tied the knot? Maybe it was last year or a decade ago. Well, guess what? You get to re-live it, every year. The celebrations aren’t over after the wedding day. And as every year passes, enjoy reinventing, reaffirming and recommitting to each other. Don’t rush this special … Read more

We tend to see new versions of women in the lead-up to their wedding day. Bridezilla takes hold of all logic, and emotions take over. Cross her, and you’ll be culled from the guest list. Of course, this isn’t all brides. Some women keep their cool and surprise their fiancés. Whether you feel yourself experiencing … Read more

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